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Fresh Rice Noodle Production Line

Fresh Rice Noodle Production Line


The different kinds of fresh noodle can be made from rice, corn starch, wheat starch, potato starch, tapioca. After sterillization, the preservation period of the fresh noodle may extend through to 6 months.

The Flow chart of Fresh Rice noodle process:
Rice→elevating by jet flow→sand separating→soaking(fermentation)→washing→dehydrating→grinding→rice sheet steaming→anti-aging→sticks extruding→vermicelli extruding→cooking in lanes→vermicelli steaming→quantitave cutting→water cooling→PH value keeping→auto dividing→packing→sterillization→storage→inspecting→product

Technical Parameters

Type Capacity(t/8h) Total power(kw) Production Area(m2) Steam consumption(kg/h)
GY7-25 2.5 ~40 ~400 ~500
GY7-40 4.0 ~50 ~500 ~750
GY7-60 6.O ~60 ~600 ~900
GY7-80 8.0 ~70 ~700 ~1000


Non-standard food processing machinery--A strong point of Guoyan!

There are different kinds of non-standart equipment including noodle cake dryer, stick noodle dryer, mixer, steamer, extruder, elevator, conveyor, fryer, slitter, cooling machine, rice grinder made by SUS 304……etc.

Auto press Shaper of noodle cake is an original Patented product of Guoyan.

Patent No.ZL03209045.5

It is possible to pack the noodle cake by automatic packing machine after press shaping.

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