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Instant Flat Rice Noodle Production Line

Instant Flat Rice Noodle Production Line


The GY1A、GY1 Instant flat Rice Noodle(KWUi Tiew)Production Line of GUOYAN is the famous advanced product in China and other countries!
After introduced many Lines of GY1, VIFON of Vietnam had also introduced 3 Lines of GY1A from Guoyan while many GY1A Lines introduced from Guoyan by Acecook Co. & Kenmin Co. of Japan, and President Rice Products Co. of Thailand.

The Flow Chart of GY1A:

rice→elevating by jet flow→sand separating→rice washing & soaking by jet flow→dehydrating→grinding→sifting→rice liquid storage→sheet steaming→rice sheet pre-drying→low temperature auto continuously hanging aging→auto sheet slitting & cutting→scaling & forming→drying→packing→product

Note: The flow chart of GY1 without "low temperature auto continuously hanging aging"

Technical Parameters

Type Capacity(t/8h) Total power(kw) Production Area(m2) Minimum length of workshop(m) Steam consumption(kg/h)
GY1A-20 2.0 ~125 1000 120 1500
GY1A-30 3.O ~165 1200 140 2200
GY1-10 1.0 ~55 600 60 800
GY1-15 1.5 ~75 800 70 1200
GY1-20 2.0 ~85 950 90 1500
GY1-30 3.0 ~110 1100 100 2200

Viet Nam Food Industry Co., A successful example of adopting the Instant Flat Rice Noodle Production Line from Guoyan!

After introducing 5 Instant flat Rice Noodle (Kwui Tiew) Production Lines from Guoyan, VIFON(Viet Nam food industries Co.) became one of the biggest enterprises in the field of processing instant flat (Kwui Tiew) rice noodle. In May 2002, VIFON awarded a golden medal & a certificate of merit to Mr. Cen Jun Jian, the general manager of Guoyan for his great help to VIFON. After 2005, VIFON introduced 3 GY5A Production Lines from Guoyan.

The width of steaming belt & pre-drying belt of the GY1A-30 production line is 1.5m. It is the biggest Instant flat rice noodle Production line in the world up to now.

The equipment Characteristic of GY1A、GY1 Production Line:

Continuous Sheet steamer
1. It may use nylon or Teflon belt.
2. The thick of sheet is controlled by stepless variable drive with inverter.
3. It is easy to install belt, clean and maintain with the cover elevator.

Sheet Pre-Dryer
1. It is easy to clean without guides & chain by using Teflon mesh belt.
2. No friction pollution as the result of no chain & no guide.
3. Easy to separate the sheet from the Teflon mesh belt.
4. Easy to get perfect sheet & high rate of end product.

Low Temperature Hanging Aging Machine
1. Shortened markedly aging time by low temperature(-2℃~-8℃) aging and carried out continuous production of the line.
2. To keep the moisture of rice sheet by moisteners and to get better effect of rice sheet aging.
3. The unique design of automatic to change the pitch of two hanging rods. It makes the rice sheet continuous aging possible.

Slitting, Cutting & Conveying Machine
1. Slitter & cutter made by SUS 304.
2. Using PVC belt.
3. Slitter with auto fog spray device.

Auto Press Shaper for noodle cakes
1. Auto press shaper is an original patented product of Guoyan. It makes noodle cake packed possible by auto packing machine.
2. The press shaper includes blowers, heat exchangers, press shaping mechanism etc.

Noodle Cake Dryer
1. There are 2 kinds of Dryer: KHD horizontal running dryer and KVD Vertical running Dryer.
2. No pollution due to the friction between chain & guide as the KVD Dryer without guide.
3. It can sectional control the temperature of dryer by the auto temperature control devices.

Optional equipment Rice whitener, Rice color sorter, Auto synchronous operation system including PLC, center control panel, touch screen etc.

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