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New-type Multi-functional Oil Press

New-type Multi-functional Oil Press


  Guoyan oil press is one of the most advanced oil press,which is widely used in the milling of sesame, rapeseed, peanut, vegetable seed, corn germ,etc.

Technical Parameters

Type Diameter of screw(mm) Speed(r/min) Power(kw) Processing capacity(kg/h) Total weight(kg) Dimmension(mm)
Main machine Heater
GY-80 80 60 5.5 3 80-160 780 1600×1300×1400
GY-100 100 40 7.5 3.5 150-260 1100 1900×1400×1600
GY-120 120 36 11 4 260-400 1500 2100×1680×1750

1. High oil output: It adopts directional fix bearing, multi-propulsion, and one time milling so the output rate is increased by 10%-30%.   
2. Rich output: Strengthened feeding system to increase propulsion speed so the work efficiency is improved above 30%.
3. Automatic controlled: It adopts automatically controlled milling temperature; it uses vacuum distribution with imbedded vacuum distributor so the oil and waste can be separate effectively.   
4. Safe and convenient: Compact structure occupying few area; it uses sealed up protection to ensure a safe operation.   
5. Durable: It utilizes super wear-resistant steel and anti-fatigue casting with stable performance to ensure long and continuous running. Surface is coated with new material by static painting with strong adhesive attraction, so it is oil-proof and anti-heat. Easy for cleaning.

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