• Woven bag printing machine(desktop)
  • Woven bag printing machine(desktop)This machine supports plastic braided bag print characters and trade mark pattern . It can finishes a double-colored print once, and it counts automatically. It refines tune automatically and adopts the light-electricity to control and print automati...
  • Cam Type Winding Machine(GY-SJJ)
  • Cam Type Winding Machine(GY-SJJ)This machine is our energy-saving invention.It adopts cardioid camreplacing the reciprocating screw in combination winder ,reciprocating moving wholly adopts rolling friction resulting in less attrition,stable movement and flat winding spindle.The ov...
  • Flexographic Printing Machine for PP Woven Sack(GY-RY)
  • Flexographic Printing Machine for PP Woven Sack(GY-RY)Adopting soft sensitive resin as its printing plate, this kind of aniline printing machine can be used to print PP/PE woven cloth tube, PP/PE film tube, cellophane and web, which is an ideal equipment for printing PP/PE woven cloth, non-woven cloth, ...
  • Cement bags making machine(GY-SD)
  • Cement bags making machine(GY-SD)Cement Bags Making Machine is specialized for making cement bags processes compounded plastic woven bags. This machine can print the cement bags with multi-color on both sides, M-fold it and hot cut it by valve-shape saw tooth-like blades. This machi...
  • High speed circular loom for mesh bag
  • High speed circular loom for mesh bag

    This kind of circular loom can use plastic monofilament and tape as warp to weave mesh bags and produce package bags for vegetables and fruits by cutting and sewing.

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