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Plastic Braided Bag Production Line

Plastic Braided Bag Production Line


The plastic braided bag is intensively applied to the chemical fertilizer, packaging of cement , grain , food , fodder , industrial chemicals , wool , cotton and mineral products ,etc. The demanding amount is up to more than 200 hundred million every year in our country, and is increasing rapidly at the speed of 14% every year. The market prospects are limitless. The serial plastic braided bag production lines of our company are fast-selling in the whole country, and export to more than 30 countries and regions, such as Korea S, Thailand, Vietnam, Russia ,etc. Most users can regain investment in the same year after going into business operation. Specification and price of the Production line: The production line which produces 5 million per year, costs 488 thousand RMB each. Its annual profits can be up to 500 thousand RMB. This project is especially suitable for the more sufficient investors of township enterprises and personals to go into business.

Technical Parameters

The New-Type High Speed Round -Loom Weaving Machine

Four-shuttle and six shuttle circular looms can weave small woven bags, eight-shuttle circular looms can weave container bags, paulin, awning cloth for rainproof and tourism tent etc, And the circular loom for mesh bag can weave mesh bag for packing vegetable and fruit.

1.Using the tapes made by recycling materials;
2.Running and stopping are smooth, and the noise is low;
3.Reasonable structure¡¢advanced design¡¢long use-life-span.
4.Easy operating and maintenance, high efficiency.

Technical parameter:

Type GY-YZJ 4/750 GY-YZJ 4/1100 GY-YZJ 4/1400
Number of Shuttle 4 4 4
Lay-flat-Width 350-750 600-1100 700-1400
Warp Max. (pcs) 768 896 1040
Rotation Speed(r/min) 120-180 100-150 80-120
Gross Power of Motor(kw) 2.2 3 3
Capacity(m/h) 65-100 50-80 50-80
Weight(kg) 2100 2200 2500
Installing Dimensions(L×W×H)(mm) 8300×2200×2730 8800×2500×2730 9800×2710×2960

Plastic flat film tape drawing machine

The machine, using material of polypropylene & high density polyethylene, through heating, extruding and drawing, makes tape that is then winded for weaving of the circular loom.

1.The machine can use 100% regenerated PP&PE, powder or grain PP&HDPE to produce the tapes.
2.The screw and cylinder of extruder are made of 38CrMoAl alloy steel; the hardness is over HV950 after nitrogenation treatment.
3.Helical gear reducer made of 20CrMnTi alloy steel is applied to the extruder.
4.The extruder adopts aluminum cast heater, which is endurable.

Technical parameter

Type 110/700B 110/800B 120/1000B 120/1200B
Diameter of Screw(mm) 110 110 120 120
Ration of ScrewL/D 23:1 23:1 23:1 23:1
Rotational Speed of Screw(r/min) 25-75 25-75 23-70 23-70
Width of Die(mm) 700 800 1000 1200
Number of oven 2 2 2 2
Motor power of extruder(kw) 22 30 30 30
Heating power of extruder(kw) 36 36 43 47
Power of Driving motor(kw) 5.5 7.5 7.5 7.5
Heating power of the oven(kw) 12 15 20 24
Drawing rate 4-8 4-8 4-8 4-8
Thickness of tape(mm) 0.025-0.08 0.025-0.08 0.025-0.08 0.025-0.08
Production capacity(kg/h) 50-80 50-100 60-120 70-140
Installing dimensions(L×W×H)(m) 13.3×1.5×2 13.3×1.65×2 14.7×1.75×2 16.5×2.5×2
Weight(kg) 7000 7500 9000 12000

Cam type winding machine


Type 170 Linear Speed of tape winding(m/min) 30-180
Layer number of spindle 5 Power of main motor(kw) 1.5
Number of spindle 170 Weight(kg) ≈3000
Width of spindle(mm) 200 Power of winding motor(kw) 8
Installing dimensions(L×W×H)(mm) 5200×1500×1700

Printing machine

Usages and characteristics
This copy supports plastic braided bag print characters and trade mark pattern. it can finishes a double-colored print once, and it counts automatically . it refines tune automatically and adopts the light-electricity to control and print automatically.

Drying Mixer

Usages and characteristics
This machine can dry and mix materials of polypropylene&polyethylene for machines of tape drawing, film extruding and plastic laminating.
Electro-hydraulic Baler
Usages and characteristics
This machine can press the finished woven bags and mesh bags into solid bundles.

Electric bag-sewing machine


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