• New-type Multi-functional Oil Press
  • New-type Multi-functional Oil Press

      Guoyan oil press is one of the most advanced oil press,which is widely used in the milling of sesame, rapeseed, peanut, vegetable seed, corn germ,etc.

  • Multi-functional Biscuit Production Line
  • Multi-functional Biscuit Production LineIt is novel design,compact structure,and high automation.This automatic process includes feeding,compressing,forming,recycling,drying,spouting oil and cooling. It can make different supermarket biscuit(cream biscuit,sandwich biscuit,soda biscuit,and ...
  • Bean Curd Making Machine(GY-DF)
  • Bean Curd Making Machine(GY-DF)

    The Bean Curd Making Machine(tofu making machine) is the second generation machine produced on the technology improvement of Japan, can produce soy-bean milk,bean curd,jellied bean curd,lactone bean curd,etc.

  • Bean sprout machine(GY-DY)
  • Bean sprout machine(GY-DY)The  bean sprouts machine, computer control, automatic temperature control, automatic water, ozone sterilization, green environmental protection, durable; has the advantages of time saving, labor saving, low cost, no noise, no pollution,etc. It ...
  • New-type energy-conserving rice noodle making machine(GY-HF)
  • New-type energy-conserving rice noodle making machine(GY-HF)    This new-type energy-conserving noodle-making machine is used for producing the flat noodle, using the ordinary rice as raw materials. Because of its advanced craft, energy-efficient, and safe environmental protection, it has repla...
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